We are a professional services accounting and consulting firm dedicated to the success of small businesses, which is why we offer our Bookkeeping service. 

MP Accounting Firm can take this time-consuming function off your plate and off-site with our cloud solutions. You turn over all your time-consuming bookkeeping tasks to us—including paying bills, recording deposits, reconciling bank accounts, and more.

Our knowledge of income tax preparation, our enthusiasm, our commitment to our customers, and our selection of products is just the start of what we offer. Whether you choose MP Accounting to prepare your personal or small business taxes, you're getting a partner who will stand with you and actively seek out your best interests, biggest refunds or smallest legal tax liabilities.

Our returns are backed by our promise - friendly, accurate, and with an accuracy guarantee.

Calculating payroll taxes can become complicated and if run into trouble doing it by yourself, who are you going to call? A payroll services takes care of this burden for you.

And those pesky forms you have to put together at the end of the year? W-2s? 1099s? We prepare those for you and your employees.

We have invested substantially to develop and drive audit quality and objectivity. All of our professionals are trained ensuring the consistently high standards you expect of our firm.

To privately-owned companies we offer the services of trusted business advisors - dedicated staff that are trained and experienced in working with owner-managed and/or family-controlled organisations.

We deliver a full range of value-added and cost-effective tax compliance consulting services for executives, individually or through a company-sponsored program.

We offer various service alternatives based on the size and complexity of your engagement. Company sponsors benefit by ensuring that executives are receiving the advice they need so that they can focus on benefits to the company.

Owning your own business can be an exciting endeavor. Once the initial excitement wears off, however, you’ll want to make sure you are using a reliable system to ensure success.

We, at MP Accounting, can provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make sure you build a solid and sustainable foundation and avoid common pitfalls that plague start-up businesses, leaving them open to weakness and collapse.